Results speak for themselves

Our values have driven our growth for over ten years. We take great pride in the serious responsibility of helping build a place one calls home. 

best homes in the Cedar Valley

When shopping for options for a new home, we quickly landed on LGC because they arguably build the best homes in the Cedar Valley, both in looks and in quality. We ended up with an amazing place to build a family without sacrificing style and I’m forever grateful to Kyle and Randi. 

Josh and Caitly

Thank you for creating our dream home!

We have built two homes with LGC Homes.  Their ability to create a custom floor plan, that is both creative and functional, is beyond compare.  We were impressed by the way they took our vision and made it even better by their impeccable design ingenuity.   The entire LGC team is passionate, helpful, and knowledgeable.   Thank you, LGC, for creating our dream home!

Patrick and Jamie  

Thank you for being a contractor extraordinaire.

I have been involved with 3 separate custom house builds for my daughter and none of those contractors ever accepted complete customization without an argument.  It was just the opposite working with you.  Your willingness to listen to our requests and not put your “spin” on it was such a welcome change.  In a process that can become so stressful at times it was such a relief to know you would make things right for us.  You never once denied your accountable for the building process even though subcontractors performed the tasks.  I felt the genuineness of your desire to make sure I would be happy up on completion.  You are such a busy contractor and yet you had a way of making me feel like I was your only client.  You were patient explaining whatever processes I questioned and I’m sure I was a full-time job for you.  The other outstanding accomplishment was in the end I finished on budget and with the home quality I desired.  I would have no qualms recommending you to friends or relatives. I really miss the fun I had building our house with you. I believe we built a camaraderie that continues today 4 years after our build was complete.  Thank you for being as I see it a contractor extraordinaire.   


Sandy Hackett

Very pleased...We love our home!

We built our home with LGC homes 2 years ago and have been very pleased with the outcome of that journey. We love our home!  It has been a great investment as the value increased starting the day we moved in. LGC stands behind their work and works very hard to make sure the homeowners are happy.

Kristen K.

...translate ideas into a home for our family

Once we finally made the decision to build our new home,  then came the daunting task of choosing a builder – one who understood we weren’t looking to spend half a million dollars, who understood we didn’t want a “McMansion”, and one who was willing to listen to our ideas, needs, and wants.  But most importantly, one who could translate those ideas, needs, and wants into a home for our family.  We’ve never regretted our decision to have Kyle Larson and LGC Homes, build our house.  Kyle was always willing to answer our questions and address any concerns we had during the building process.  He gave us a timeline and stuck to it, he delivered on all his promises, and we got exactly the comfortable and beautiful house we were dreaming of.    Thanks to his hard work and dedication to our project, if we ever decide to build again we wouldn’t hesitate to make our first and only call be to Kyle! 


...make the building process enjoyable

Everyone at LGC,

You have a very
 unique niche. You are able to provide a custom build to each and every one of your customers while at the same time simplifying the building steps to make the building process enjoyable.

Thank you,



...consistently gone above and beyond


We want to thank you for the support you have provided over the past 2 years.  Perhaps the most impressive aspect of working with you early on was your accessibility.  We understood that you were in demand, but you always made time to answer your phone and respond to e-mails.  This was critical to the relationship-building process and ultimately our decision to do business with you.

We enjoyed your innovation and flexibility throughout the build process, as we were sometimes indecisive and wanted to take on some of the processes ourselves.  Your coordination of subcontractors and the various ‘options’ we requested was appreciated, as we strived to get the most home for our money and make smart decisions.

Your support and understanding has fostered a relationship of respect and friendship.  We have called upon you for help, and you have consistently gone above and beyond to provide assistance as we worked on additional home projects.

Thank you for helping us channel our way to building a custom home for our family.  This was one of our fondest dreams, and we are so proud it’s come true. 


D. P.

...making our dreams come true

Good Morning Kyle and Amanda!

I know that you meet with many clients and may or may not get to know them on a more personal basis, but I wanted you both to know that you are helping us make a dream come true from the day we were married.  We have been married for 33 yrs. and we literally started collecting plans for building that were listed in the newspaper and you could send away for.  Yes, they are buried in a box somewhere in our basement!  

Your guidance has been invaluable and I know you will help us through the process and we appreciate your patience as well. Once again, thank you for making our dreams come true!!

S. & R.