Results speak for themselves

Our values have driven our growth for over ten years. We take great pride in the serious responsibility of helping build a place one calls home. 

Thank you for being a contractor extraordinaire.

I have been involved with 3 separate custom house builds for my daughter and none of those contractors ever accepted complete customization without an argument.  It was just the opposite working with you.  Your willingness to listen to our requests and not put your “spin” on it was such a welcome change.  In a process that can become so stressful at times it was such a relief to know you would make things right for us.  You never once denied your accountable for the building process even though subcontractors performed the tasks.  I felt the genuineness of your desire to make sure I would be happy up on completion.  You are such a busy contractor and yet you had a way of making me feel like I was your only client.  You were patient explaining whatever processes I questioned and I’m sure I was a full-time job for you.  The other outstanding accomplishment was in the end I finished on budget and with the home quality I desired.  I would have no qualms recommending you to friends or relatives. I really miss the fun I had building our house with you. I believe we built a camaraderie that continues today 4 years after our build was complete.  Thank you for being as I see it a contractor extraordinaire.   


Sandy Hackett