Results speak for themselves

Our values have driven our growth for over ten years. We take great pride in the serious responsibility of helping build a place one calls home. 

...translate ideas into a home for our family

Once we finally made the decision to build our new home,  then came the daunting task of choosing a builder – one who understood we weren’t looking to spend half a million dollars, who understood we didn’t want a “McMansion”, and one who was willing to listen to our ideas, needs, and wants.  But most importantly, one who could translate those ideas, needs, and wants into a home for our family.  We’ve never regretted our decision to have Kyle Larson and LGC Homes, build our house.  Kyle was always willing to answer our questions and address any concerns we had during the building process.  He gave us a timeline and stuck to it, he delivered on all his promises, and we got exactly the comfortable and beautiful house we were dreaming of.    Thanks to his hard work and dedication to our project, if we ever decide to build again we wouldn’t hesitate to make our first and only call be to Kyle!